ARTICLE: Things to know before Making your Promotional Video:

Things to know before Making your Promotional Video:
A- What is a Promotional video?
  • Anything imaginable that relates to your company (you, your culture, conferences, special events, training, products, client testimonial) can be filmed, than crafted into a short promo video that gets watched, gets your message across and gets results!
  • It’s the ultimate marketing tool
  • It's a personal short story that can bring your message, your product and your company to life.
  • It helps build trust between you and potential clients.
  • A good marketing message is seen, believed and remembered.
  • A successful marketing message is acted upon.
B- Preparing to make your Promotional video
1. Hire a professional VIDEO PRODUCER that has a track record:
of producing/writing/directing/delivering promotional videos to clients.
2. Know your audience
What is the purpose of the video? What do you want them to know? Who will be seeing it? Why will they want to press the play button?
(offer something if they watch until end, and than call you)
3. The Script/Concept
  • a- Concept; Don’t settle for a boring concept. Speak with others, including your video producer and develop a concept-story that will entertain and be informative. Comical promotional videos can really help to hold their attention. Your goal is to keep their interest, get the video watched, which gets your message across.
  • b- Write a Script(text); You want to generate excitement and interest without too much detail. Your informative brochure or PowerPoint text will usually make a dull, boring video script. 
  • Your Goal is to motivate them to want to know more, to check out your website, call or email you. What makes you or your product stand out, special, etc? Read your script out loud to others and get feedback. Chances are it will need to be edited and tweaked by your video producer or his professional scriptwriter.
  • c- Watch other promotional videos and ask your producer to use 
  • the ones you like as inspiration for creating something fresh and unique for you.
  • e- THINK SHORT 30-120 seconds max. Folks have VERY SHORT attention spans. You must REALLY grab their attention in the first 15 seconds, or they may not continue to watch.
4. Testimonials
Your clients, subcontractors, employees, etc. are interviewed, without much prompting or memorizing, by an experienced, competent, personable interviewer. These will come across as from the heart, real and believable. If dispersed throughout your video in short 2-5 second sound bites, a few testimonials can make a promotional video sizzle.
5. Casting your video spokesperson
Should you use your staff or hire a professional actor/voiceover talent? No one knows your business like those who provide or sell your products-services.
But don’t feature your CEO or an employee, if they aren’t comfortable and experienced on camera and reading from a teleprompter. Professional actors (talent) are abundant, cheap and easy to find.
6. Working as a team with your video producer:
Let the producer take the lead, be responsive to his requests and work together to create your vision. A good producer will offer much input, suggestions and ideas throughout the process. Simply let them know if you don’t agree, or say no to any of the ideas you don’t like. It’s part of the relationship, it’s your video and you have final say. 
The producer may ask you to provide assets like logos, jpeg photos from your brochure or website, and much more. Get back to him promptly and he should do the same with you.
7. Enjoy the process
Producing a video is a fabulous educational experience, rewarding and a lot of fun. Don’t get bogged down in unnecessary details that your producer/director knows how to handle. Creating a good non-stressful atmosphere during production enhances creativity and leads to a great video.
8. Get the most bang for your bucks! Promoting your video:
Once you've PAID to have your video produced, there's many ways to make the video pay off, for FREE!
** Post it on YouTube and email your video to everyone on your email list. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Blog, your website, Vimeo, etc.
Tag it for organic search purposes. This could provide a huge return on your initial investment. 
If it’s original or funny, it may even go viral. We produced a Fitness promo video that’s got 3.7 MILLION Youtube views. It's been great exposure and promotion for my client, and has also been the same for us.

Three Steps of Video Production
Planning and coordinating for the project, including concept development and scriptwriting. 
Pre-Production Goals
  • Grasp the scope of project
  • foster a productive working relationship,
  • Listen to your ideas, goals, visions; know your company, it’s culture, products and services
  • develop a custom tailored approach
The actual videotaping, plus recording of narration (interviews, etc), and the development of graphics/titles
Post Production:
Includes tediously looking at and logging all of the video footage captured, than editing that footage(& stock footage), audio mixing, insertion of titles and special effects, color correction and
  • a- DVD authoring
  • b- video file transfer for internet.( You will get a 1st draft of the finished video, than you and your team can decide if there need to be any changes made. If there are changes, we will make them and email your final video.
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