Bar Mitzvah Video Production

Sacramento Bar Mitzvah Video Production
We filmed our first Bar/Bat Mitzvah in downtown San Jose, CA, 1991 and dozens of parents have since trusted their once in a lifetime event to our Bar Mitzvah Videography services. We would be honored to be the Mitzvah videographer at your child’s upcoming and exhilarating event! Clients consistently say their video instantly becomes a valuable piece of the family history and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of capturing this legacy for you.
Bar Mitzvah Video Never Boring with your Custom Short Story!
Short Story event videography is what we do best and is most popular with our clients. Your Mitzvah video is a story, and any story… a book, TV program or a movie should never be too long. Today, long is associated with boring, and nobody these days has the time or desire to watch a long event video story.
Chris Hennessy has crafted hundreds of short story video programs and each typically run around 10-20 minutes. These short, creative, fast-paced, meticulously edited and entertaining programs are perfect to show off to friends and family without asking for too much of their time. Our clients constantly mention that everyone is impressed, entertained and never seeking the fast-forward button! You’ll be proud to show off your short story video and you won’t have to watch an hour or more every time you want to relive the day! The kids will watch it over and over again with their siblings and friends.
Your Custom Short Story Program can be uploaded and emailed to you via Youtube or Vimeo. You can share your video with the world, or make it private so only designated friends and family can find or watch. We can also email you the master video file via
The Service
At the Synagogue we work closely with the Rabbi and/or the Cantor. We like to remain inconspicuous, yet still be able to capture all the major moments. The wireless mics on the Bima are key to getting pristine audio, which is just as important as getting quality video.
The Party
At the party it’s our desire to work as a team with the other vendors. This helps to ensure that you have a successful event and video. Per the time schedule and by working closely with the event planner and DJ we confidently capture all the planned and unplanned special moments.
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