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Custom Video Connection has always successfully relied on customer referrals. Below is just a fraction of the positive feedback we have received.


Someone had suggested that we omit the video. I'm so glad we didn't follow that advice. You made the whole process enjoyable and the "priceless" DVD far exceeded our expectations!

P.S. The short version is all you said it would be---A+

Linda Robles/mother of bride

I cannot begin to tell you how much my video touched me. YOU ARE AMAZING at what you do and an all around inspirational person! You have made my day, my week, my month, my year!

Noelle Wirth /Event Designer-Event Planner

Chris pardon my language here but that was *&@%^! AWESOME!!!!!!! OUTSTANDING work!!!

Chris Cali
Cali Entertainment

I am in awe of you commitment and willingness to go the extra mile for your client. I am so thankful and will sing your praises from the mountaintop for everyone who will listen! Lynn Lukenbill There's nothing like the DVD. It will always be the most precious of all the things to savor the memory. We're so greatful you did that for us! I watched the DVD last night and Peggy was watching it as I was leaving for work this morning and she said it is great.

thanks, Greg Jenkins/ Peggy Fleming

 Things with Kristin and I are great! I'm not sure if we ever told you this but Kristin ended up getting pregnant on our wedding night. Born on June 23rd 2005, Maya Eliko Shinden was born. She's now 2.5 years old and growing like a weed. I get teary eyed and cannot believe how well you captured that precious day on tape. You were the director that made everything come into place perfectly. Besides your excellent work on our wedding video, I thought it was extra special when you interviewed us right after dinner. I'm not sure if you remember, but you asked Kristin and I and about someday when we had kids if we wanted to tell them anything. We both ended up sending our little girl a message and I concluded the message by saying I hope you're as beautiful as Kristin. This just added to the value of the video and its very easy for the both of us to watch the video and recall the day as if it were this last weekend. To this day, Id say that I've watched the short video 150X while only cracking open our wedding album maybe 3 or 4X.

Derek & Kristin Shindon

 Hi Chris,

I spoke with the banquet manager yesterday & she said that you did fantastic as the MC @ Angelene's wedding! Im sure the bride & groom really appreciated it, as I'm sure they'll appreciate your excellent work on their video. BTW- The DJ also messed up with the music for the ceremony as Im sure you noticed. They were playing Ave Maria for the bride & that was supposed to be for the recessional. Glad that you saved the day as the MC during the party. That was way above and beyond the call of duty! Hope to see you again soon.

Best Wishes,

Angela Cima Edmond
Catering Coordinator
Benchmark Hospitality International at Chaminade

 So many people remarked on how unobtrusive and hard working you were, yet you were also so much fun!!!

Jean & Dillon Larson

You Truly are a top notch pro! 
MaryAnn Degravvy

 Everyone at our wedding Love You! Diane Plummer

The video is beautiful, I cannot tell you how very touched I was when I saw it!

Jill Johnson

Thank you, again, for doing such a wonderful job filming our wedding and putting together our DVD. We are thrilled with the result. It was really important to us that the video camera not get in the way of anything during the ceremony and reception, and you did a wonderful job of getting great footage discreetly. We highly recommend that anyone who thinks they don't need a videographer at their wedding reconsider. We not only have wonderful memories that we will cherish forever, but we

have them captured on film. Thank you for your hard work and professionalism.

Danielle Sanchez-Witzel & Don Witzel

 Hi Chris

I just wanted to let you know that we have watched the short version about 30 times and we REALLY enjoyed it!! I really appreciate you capturing all the great moments of the day. I fell like I can relive the memories over and over. I am also writing you to request 10 more dvd's. just about everyone who has seen it wants one. Thank you again for everything

Roger & Reina Guzman

It was your skill at coordination everyone that made such a noticeable difference to our day! You tied everyone together. We cannot thanks you enough! Your energy & excitement and confidence make you a top-notch professional! The DVD is EASILY the best memento of our day, and so are you!

Darla & Elvis

 Thanks for an outstanding job! You caught everything important, and all of our guests and us think you were a blast to be around! The videography was completely unobtrusive (just like you said it would be!)

Michelle & Rich

 Having a awesome Videographer is very important and hard to come by. I am so glad that we refer you - not only do I love working with you, but you are a wonderful person, and I am fortunate to have met you.

Denise Fattal
CWC Wedding & Event Coordinator
Silver Creek Valley Country Club

You and the Video were OUTSTANDING!!!!!!


Tony White The Ritz Half Moon Bay

 We want to thank you for a lovely job you did for us and have no problem referring you to all of our brides!

Sheryl Byington, Byington Winery

We got it and we loved it and so did our families! Fantastic job, man!

Alex & Amanda Fulbright

You are Awesome!

Everybody loved it!!!!

I wish all professionals were like you. It is hard to find people who are so much fun like you and so competent at the same time!! Chris, we can't thank you enough for your outstanding work. You make jokes. but you really listen to your clients!! You had great questions for the people who you interviewed and you got everyone who matters on tape. The editing was beautiful!!

Daniella & Eric

Another fabulous evening chronicled by your amazing talent as a videogrpaher. Your sensitivity and artistry is what sets yourself apart from all others in your field. You have an incredible sense for capturing the moment on film and projecting the emotion felt at the time. Our video is priceless.

Cindy & Michael Gervais

The DVD was smashing! We would like to order 10 DVDs.

Thanks again for a great job! I'll be sure to pass the word of your good work throughout my Bay Area friends,

John & Gail Kretchmer
American Licorice Co., 595 SW Bluff, Bend, OR 97702.

 Hi Chris,

I just wanted to tell you that David and I (and anyone else who has seen it) love the video so much! You did a great job. We are so glad that you were there to capture the day, and the work you did on the editing is wonderful. The whole experience was a joy. We are really happy with it!

Nora & David

We received and viewed our wedding video. It looks great! You did a great job of capturing our entire wedding in 12 minutes! Love the interviews you did. We will definitely refer you to our friends that are getting married and need a videographer.

Diana & David

You helped make the Bar Mitzvah party fun and truly meaningful for Alex. The video was awesome as I knew it would be, but it was also very, very funny.


Thank you very much for all the hard work you put in to make our day such a success.

Tanya, Gordon and the rest of the family

Hello Chris,

Excellent job on the Zumba promo video!One of the best I've seen."

Matt Marks ISK

 Hello Chris,

I just want to thank you for an incredible video of our party. As you know this was very important to myself and all the employees and friends that attended this farewell party. You captured the moments! We are going to be able to treasure this day for the rest of our lives and I thank you.

Paul Mason

 Very good funny, and very meaningful stuff as always!

I enjoy your interactive sense of humor on and off camera! The interviews are always off the charts!

HUGS! Jeff
Pro MC/DJ/Team Development

 Thank you so much - great job - PERFECT! wonderful working with you!

I would like a final tweek - real simple - on music when Ted first speaks - Just keep same song! Also, can you send two final copies to me at Corporate before Thanksgiving. Thanks for 6 months of unending creativity, hilarity & commitment.

Tammy Il Fornaio

Your work is Fantastic. Thanks so much for your time, energy and passion at our exhibit! It's perfect on our website, and the best promo possible! I couldn't be more proud!


By far the best videography company I have worked with onsite at a large conference. They produced stellar videos were using to promote future events. Chriss attention to detail and personable interaction with our attendees really brought our event to life.

Amy Giannini

Event Marketing Manager


I just watched the video (3 times actually!) - its GREAT! I love how you made it fun yet informative! Thanks for the great videos

Tiffany Morrison | National Instruments | Media Relations
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